To all the ultra-modern-thinking women.
Free in their private lives, free with their words, their actions, free in their choices…

Heads held high, only because they’re looking to the sky.
To the women who are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnivorous in life.

Those who give, who share.

To you, the proud, the unfading, the reasonable and sometimes very unreasonable, the wild (“nyctalopes”) nightlovers and the speedy steadfast mothers, going constantly, all day and night.

To those who quiver, light up, and fly up and away.
To you, the creative and convinced idealists, who know how to extinguish all doubts.

To you who find happiness within yourselves.
To those who yearn, who take without waiting, who never ever wait for permission.

To those who love to seduce, to feel beautiful and whole.
To all the perpetual lovers.
To you, the players, the superhumans, the homebody-adventurers, the impatient ones, to those who mess up and only grow stronger from it, to the mockers, to those who measure everything or nothing at all, to those who dare and then laugh about it. Laughs loud and shrill.

To those who take risks…
To those who change this world.
To those who love

La Maison Carolina Ritzler opens its doors to you and thanks you for being yourself.

Carolina Ritzler creations, by women, for all women

Store Carolina Ritzler

33 Rue Étienne Marcel, Paris 75001
Second floor / +33 1 44 54 67 74
Monday to friday
From 10am to 7pm

Showroom High Alchemy 

584 Broadway suite 1008, New York, NY 10012