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To all the ultra-modern-thinking women.
Free in their private lives, free with their words, their actions, free in their choices…

Heads held high, only because they’re looking to the sky.
To the women who are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnivorous in life.

Those who give, who share.

To you, the proud, the unfading, the reasonable and sometimes very unreasonable, the wild (“nyctalopes”) nightlovers and the speedy steadfast mothers, going constantly, all day and night.

To those who quiver, light up, and fly up and away.
To you, the creative and convinced idealists, who know how to extinguish all doubts.

To you who find happiness within yourselves.
To those who yearn, who take without waiting, who never ever wait for permission.

To those who love to seduce, to feel beautiful and whole.
To all the perpetual lovers.
To you, the players, the superhumans, the homebody-adventurers, the impatient ones, to those who mess up and only grow stronger from it, to the mockers, to those who measure everything or nothing at all, to those who dare and then laugh about it. Laughs loud and shrill.

To those who take risks…
To those who change this world.
To those who love

La Maison Carolina Ritzler opens its doors to you and thanks you for being yourself.

Carolina Ritzler creations, by women, for all women.

The brand

The brand

Carolina Ritzler is, first and foremost, the overflowing energy of a designer. 
a 40-year-old woman - intuitive, impulsive, and exuberant. She’s an artist, deeply passionate about the other, and driven by a burning desire to share. She often says that our lives are ruled by our emotions.

The brand

In 2014, she decided to let her heart sing out and launch her clothing line, letting her connect with the hearts of others.

For Carolina Ritzler, there’s always one never-ending source of inspiration: women.

Our brand loves complex personalities that are bold and free – the personalities of today’s women. But we also love the legacies left by the courageous women of the past, and the audacity of the women of tomorrow.

The jumpsuit

The jumpsuit

The brand’s staple piece and the pillar of each collection, the jumpsuit is the designer’s prized form of self-expression.

The waistline is high and visible.
The shoulders are defined.
The ankles are out on display.
The neckline is exposed, sometimes low-cut.

The jumpsuit can be worn by every woman, by women of all shapes, for any occasion.
And finding your jumpsuit is as simple as choosing a year:

  • 90, Nikita

    90, Nikita

    the mechanic, the worker, the laborer, the authentic.

  • 85, Farrah Fawcet

    85, Farrah Fawcet

    The practical daytime look, laidback and stylish

  • 89, Sue Ellen in Dallas

    89, Sue Ellen in Dallas

    When she arrives at dinner, everyone in the room notices her…

  • 74, like a Bond Girl,

    74, like a Bond Girl,

    Like an Emma Peel - glamour and sensuality

The jumpsuit is the designer’s recurring theme, her Leitmotiv. She knows today’s women have more to do than stand in front of their closets, deciding what to wear. So, in creating her jumpsuit, she’s created an ally, ready for any occasion. It’s both elegant and practical, simple and sophisticated - a piece that can adapt to a woman’s many transformations throughout the day.

The Carolina Ritzler label offers many other pieces and products, complimenting all women and their many tastes…
Because in creating her jumpsuits, Carolina opens the doors to an entire unisex wardrobe: where we can try on capes, trench coats, outfits, dresses and suits, dressing our lives however we like.

What’s Carolina Ritzler’s favorite material?
Pure virgin wool. The choice material for men’s bespoke suits.

Made in Paris

Made in Paris

Right from day 1, all of the production for the Carolina Ritzler label is done entirely in Paris.

The entire Atelier located in la rue du Faubourg Poissonnière was seduced by the designer’s talent. From this, a deep, genuine and enduring working relationship was born. She designs, and they create. They create with all of the attention to detail required for Carolina’s collections.

It’s an unwavering partnership and commitment to the label’s quality. Because this Parisian workshop also works with the biggest in the business…

The team

The team

In the past 3 years, Carolina Ritzler has also become a brand.
And above all else, it’s a team. A solid team the designer can rely on. A collective, unified by its values and a shared vision. A gang of women, all looking in the same direction.

A gang of women, all looking in the same direction.



First, there’s the gang leader, the mastermind. She’s worked in marketing, communications and focused her attention on consulting corporations through digital transformation.

Narjisse has moved in and set up camp with Carolina, coming back to her first true love: fashion.

Narjisse and Carolina met, then met again in NYC, then they lost touch. But they met up again.
And they decided to build, together, a new momentum for the Carolina Ritzler brand.
La créatrice (the designer), the blond, in radiant disarray, and La meneuse (the ringleader), equal parts structured and laidback.

In Narjisse’s words: “Caroline has a designer’s craziness. She gives me an insane amount of energy! Me, I give her her daily dose of level-headedness. We compliment and complete each other. We balance each other out… but that’s not enough…”



The communications, PR and digital pro.
She’s so confident, bordering on authoritarian. And good thing, because her job is to convince, to influence and to create buzz. And she has a creative side that makes her personable and very endearing.



The business developer, the agility queen, sometimes strict, sometimes soft, incredibly headstrong and remarkably efficient.
She takes very good care of all our clients, from private individuals to big-wig professionals, masterfully and always with a smile!



Studio and production manager. She oversees the entire creative process and lifecycle of each piece of clothing, and she’s always ready to share her fashion-savvy opinion. Her shtick? Precision. 
She’s organized and efficient. She’s straight-laced, and with her, everything runs smoothly.



Our Collection specialist. Straight out of fashion school and an expert in pattern-making, she brings an invaluable savoir-faire, skillset and enthusiasm to the team.


  • Carla Bery

    Carla Bery

  • Elsa Hosk

    Elsa Hosk

  • Grace Jones

    Grace Jones

  • Inès Katouf

    Inès Katouf

  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga

  • Laura Smet

    Laura Smet

  • Laury Thilleman

    Laury Thilleman

  • Lena Perminova

    Lena Perminova

  • Manon Durst

    Manon Durst

  • Noemie Lenoir

    Noemie Lenoir

  • Ornella Fleury

    Ornella Fleury

  • Reem Kherici

    Reem Kherici


  • Grazia — Otobre 2016

    Grazia — Otobre 2016

  • Grazia — Mai 2016

    Grazia — Mai 2016

  • Mars 2016

    Mars 2016

  • Grazia Style — Mars 2016

    Grazia Style — Mars 2016

  • Grazia Style — Mars 2016

    Grazia Style — Mars 2016


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Monday to friday
From 10am to 7pm

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