Dezippez moi

Who is
Madame C ?

Madame C is Madame Carolina,
Madame Carolina is Carolina Ritzler.

Madame C is a woman of instinct who asserts her desire to be, to create and to transmit. She wants want to create to see, create to give, create to hear and constantly continue to feel.
Nourished by different arts, dance, theater, music, photography, painting; she created the Carolina Ritzler brand in 2014 whose DNA is the jumpsuit,
'93 the new feminine suit
'94, the uniform of modern times.
Carolina compares the creation of collections to the composition of a piece of music (the notes are the colors, the textures, a creator
'92's best field of experimentation.
'94 : Welcome to a wonderful universe, the world of Carolina Ritzler, where the framework that is set is made in order to get free.

The Parisian workshop

It is in the heart of Paris that Carolina's models are born and manufactured. The maker cuts beautiful fabrics by hand. Zip's button choices transform the pieces that begin their journey with you. The Parisian workshop has been the same since 2014, it provides quality, agility and gives Carolina the freedom to create.